lead vocal, percussion
, electronics
Heart and -fortunately- face of the duo since their foundation back in 2012.
Spontaneous, naive and innocent, she embodies the Cheap Seats’ most childish side.
Spontaneous, spiteful and stubborn, she embodies the Cheap Seats’ most childish side.
Her heart says blues. Her brain says R&B. Her guts say soul. Her boyfriend says industrial metal.
Serial gadabout, dressmaker, christmas-lights addicted and, very soon, yoga teacher.


guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals,
electronics, programming

Mind, but especially liver, of the duo since Giulia got her gallbladder removed.
Subconsciously is a hopeless optimist.
Rationally, a cosmic pessimist.
Unusual, rough and instinctive musician with an unrequited crush on synth pop as well as DIY lyricist with a very badly hidden cynicism.
Severely allergic to sedentariness, fashions, competition, guitar solos and razors.


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